Plan and Site Plan

Site Plan

Cite plan new

plan view- tribes and tree orientation.jpg

This is a plan view of the way my branches will be layed out- this is showing the different variance of colors and textures.

In the beginning there was only darkness with Papatu-a-nuku and Rangi-nui lying tightly interlaced, until Tāne-nui-a-rangi the god of the forest separated them by lying on his back and pushing them apart using his feet. Tāne-nui-a-rangi is vital in understanding the earth realm and its connection to Māori lineage of people and/or things. Every living entity obtains its own whakapapa that can be traced back to Tāne. This indicates the interconnectedness between all living things and expresses the idea of consciousness within these entities as we understand them through their whakapapa. This emphasises the relationship Māori have with the natural world due to their ancestral connection and mutual respect for what Papatu-a-nuku has provided for its people.  My site plan Shows the orientation of the Tribes within Auckland.

Plan- 1:100

Arataki floor plan new-Recovered


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