For my project I was interested in the creation story of Rangi-nui and Papatu-a-nuku and Tāne-nui-a-rangi and the connections that are built throughout time starting from this point in history. The concept that all things such as plants life, animals, geographical features and people are all connected to Tāne-nui-a-rangi is fascinating as it expresses the idea of connectivity and could suggest a bilocular commonalty that can be linked to humans, animal and plant life. My design expresses the overarching idea of consciousness as a means to build a connection between humans and plant life. When I Visited Arataki visitor centre I became increasingly aware of my human existing. Surrounded by forestry and overlooking scenic views of Auckland, I was enchanted by the opposing tension between the fabricated content within or lives and the natural environment that rest alongside it. I become conscious to the fragility of our bodies and the destruction that radiates from us. Conceptually my design is focused on the idea of meditation as a means to build a connection with the forest, by designing a space that allows you to slow down and appreciate the importance of the forest within a personal and/or wider context.

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