Final Speech


Ko Waitakere te maunga

Ko Waitemata te moana

Ko ngati Miller te iwi

Ko Carla toku ingoa

While visiting Arataki I notice that the majority of visitors resided inside the building and wondered if this could be because of the lack of seating, or the weather conditions that indicates increasing rainfall patterns. This design opportunity lead me to produce a design that draws the visitors outside.

For my project I was interested in the creation story of Rangi-nui ,Papatu-a-nuku and Tāne-nui-a-rangi and the connections that are built throughout time starting from this point in history. My Design is a roofing structure that consist of branches that are collected from six trees each representing the six tribal groups within Tamaki Makaurau, the representative trees will be oriented in the direction where the iwi are situated. I will also provide seating located on each platform so that you can sit and look out onto the forest.

By using the design principal of Kaitiakitanga, the chosen branches will act as guardians and uplifts the mana of the chosen trees. Kaitiakitanga is also shown by the roof itself as it provides shelter from the rain and sun. As I mentioned previously, each living entity is connected to Tāne, therefore the branches will also visually represent the interconnectedness between the iwi and the trees.

My roof structure is not completely covered by the branches, there will be gaps of light that streams through the roof and rest amongst the floorboard of the walkway, allowing a playful atmospheric convention to the space. However I will be using a clear PVC corrugated roofing sheets, this is done so the structure will be weatherproof but still provide access to sunlight.

Conceptually my design is focused on the idea of meditation as a means to reflect and re-build a relationship with the forest, by designing a space that allows you to slow down and appreciate the importance of the forest within a personal and/or wider context.


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