Model 1:10 Construction

starting this model I realized that the measurement for the timber I needed was too small and could not be cut.

Therefore I had to change my measurements to be able to construct my design

Initial Measurements                    New measurement

Rafters: 250 X 5 X 15                      300  X 12  X 12

Beam: 300 X 10 X 20                       300  X 12 X 12

Pillar: 25

 Construction: Timber and Screws

During Construction I had to figure out a way to drill the screw in without snapping the timber in half. In order to do this, I had to use two tools a drill and a screwdriver. Firstly drill a 2mm hole in the timber and use a screwdriver. This method is still quite risky as if I screw to tight the timber is at risk from snapping.

Therefore I will use and test wood Glue and see how well it will hold.


Constructing the Base



Constructing the Roof

I used wood glue to construct the roof, This is because the nails were to risky to use, as its prone to breakage.

Finer Detailing


After using the bandsaw to cut the branch pieces for my design, there were blue marks left from the Bandsaw. To remove the blue marks I used the sandpaper.



Original Pine: left

Wood Stainer: Right

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